We launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in February of 2018, and in less than 30 days, we raised nearly $30,000 from over 100 people--friends like you who appreciate the joy that comes from connecting to Seattle's unique past. Now the campaign continues as we explore how to retrofit and reintegrate Seattle's historic Benson Trolleys on the South Lake Union, First Hill and Center City lines. Stay tuned on how you can donate and help us engineer the needed upgrades to the vehicles. 

In addition, it's never too late to become an official Friend of the Benson Trolleys!

Share your memories with us and join the effort to bring back our rich civic history and two stunning vintage trolleys to the streets of Seattle. 

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Trolleys help more than anything to give us a sense of history. And they provide a free-spirited sense of adventure along with a sense of community. What’s not to love?
— Barbara
As a child I rode the trolleys along the waterfront with my grandmother. I met then mayor Norm Rice on a trolley when he stepped aboard the one I was riding. I love our city’s history.
— Steven
When my kids were little, we would ride bikes and catch a Benson Trolley to Mariner games. Great memories for us all.
— Peter
This is such a great way to keep Seattle’s history alive and a great fun way to see the city. They will bring back some “charm” to the city, I’m all for it!
— Diane
The Benson Trolleys are a useful, beautiful and environmentally-friendly part of Seattle’s history. Tourists and locals alike will love having them back and using them!
— Arwen
As a little girl I remember riding the waterfront trolley on my 7th birthday. I felt so cosmopolitan and grown-up, and those moments inspired me to want to live in the city, to contribute toward it’s success. The Benson Streetcars take us into the future while honoring and reusing the past!
— Alex
Known of them ever since I was a kid, and always thought they are the best because I mean, they have air whistles; I mean, how cool is that?! and I feel that trolleys just aren’t trolleys without them!
— Seth


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